Project information

  • Category: Metroidvania
  • Role: Developer
  • Project date: 2021


In a cyberpunk future, abruptly thriving on mystical foundations, Ace, a super soldier, must destroy an abandoned ecosystem where fantasy and technology intertwine. After a fight with a biomechanical creature, Ace is left dying and without abilities. Upon waking up, he explores the place and realizes that this landscape has something strangely pleasant about it. Looking around, he meets a merchant, who offers him two chips: one gives him back one of his bionic parts and another, which seems typical of the place, gives him mysterious abilities. Credas gives him the mysterious chip, giving Ace a new power, now he must choose between following his mission or exploring the truth of that mystical forest that unfolds before his eyes and that it was not as he thought. Evolve your way into an infamous metroidvania challenge for pc.