Pathetic "Work of art that is capable of stirring the mood to the point of causing pain, sadness or melancholy."

Project information

  • Category: Documentary
  • Client: Academic Proyect
  • Role: DP and Editor
  • Project date: 2019

Patético: El Documental

Bogotá brings together a multiplicity of rhythms, genres, styles and themes that enrich its offer music, generating countless proposals from artists and groups that position themselves increasingly better inside and outside the country. It is important for us to show that this wealth is not is only in the hands of experts with extensive experience, but it is found in the hands of young Colombians who have something to tell through the appropriation and reinvention of musical genres. This documentary seeks to publicize and understand what today we see as independent musical projects in the city of Bogotá, through the use of three examples, with proposals both musical and aesthetic that point to niches that are totally different.